d’octubre 19, 2006

serpmoixserp#cultural association

#[snakecatsnake]: the founder members' chinese horoscope animals provided the name for the association

we are an artists' association in the mediterranean island of mallorca, spain.

we are mainly a platform for creative work by artists from our area, as well as collaborations with artists, thinkers and institutions from around the world.

we are putting on regular exhibitions in all necessary disciplines, to date photography, illustration, sculpture, furniture by the members and friends of serpmoixserp.

our history

founded in 2005, the association began its activities in full this past summer.

cares/ faces

we opened the season with the photography show cares/ faces by local artist paca busquets, a collection of black and white portraits out of her recent work.

as a result of the impact it had, we are now planning a book publication of the photographs alongside testimonies which should create a social portrait of the village.

exhibition end

the show we put up this october (one on illustration, called "bosc/ forest" by irene esposito (that's me...) is about to end, although it's nowhere close to end in other aspects. in short i will be posting some infos about it and the following project related to it, involving a debate and hopefully a publication.

it is a hard day's night (and no, i don't mean the song...). we'll be back with views of the past shows, more infos and the future stuff very soon. bye!