de desembre 10, 2006


The courses announced in our latest program to begin last november have been postponed until february 2007. We are sorry about having set out a false alarm but our little crew had to follow other obligations, such as work for money with extremely tight deadlines. We hope these to be understandable enough reasons. However this also means a little extra cash to pour into the association's infrastructures, which as you very likely know, are in bad need of repairing (equipping the workshop with a sink, handrail in the access area, etc.)
The monthly fee for the ceramics course will be of 45Eur for members and 50 Eur for non-members. In both cases, there is an additional cost for materials which is estimated at 12Eur/kg of finished work. The classes will be 2 hours a week ceramics plus a half hour drawing for design also per week.

Thank you for your understanding!

de novembre 05, 2006


another overwhelmingly sunny, crisp, beautiful morning and a good moment to say hello to everyone. second to that, we would like to remind you that today 05.11.06 at 7:00pm we will draw the winner/s of the raffle, so whoever has got time and curiosity enough can come over and see it happen. GOOD LUCK!

de novembre 02, 2006

poets and wine
yesterday we held the poetry reading announced in a previous posting. the hall was very well visited and the poets gave their very best in the form of beautiful, sorrowful, joyous language. we all enjoyed travelling with them, through pere's darkness and precious emotion, feliu's gothic charm and delicacy or arthur's most acid show of humour. to all of you who where there many thanks. and the show goes on.

d’octubre 22, 2006

Photography exhibition
september '06
paca busquets

In September, during the local "fiestas", Paca Busquets' show gave an extraordinary start to our exhibitions agenda. The show consisted of a series of BW portraits of the people in the village, taken from paca's point of view from behind the counter of her family's bar. The show became a meeting point for people to see their and other people's images, and sometimes tell the odd story. The pictures reflect paca's natural directness and sympathy.
It was the people's response that led us to extend the project to the publishing of a book of the photographs accompanied by stories, thus creating a great social portrait of the village. More on this subject later!

Here's a view of our very diverse public
by irene esposito
05.10 - 18.10.06 at the gallery

this is an exhibition about what hides in the forest of over-information in which we live. it strikes me as very hard to see through all those halftruths we are fed daily, and yet it feels as impossible for me to let the mind fade into total numbness about the massacres taking place around the world right now. i have tried to put this across through the language of illustration. We organised the show as a two-phased event, which -based on a text distributed to the people. the second part involves a public debate to be held inhouse and also online via this blog.

Here's the text:

Even governments recognise its status as a highly profitable industry and determine which weapons can be produced and used. Cluster bombs are on the edge of this curious "legallity". Although its effects and functioning are very well known (they are preprogrammed to follow temperature, and are loaded with tiny metal bits which penetrate and destroy thicknesses of up to 17cm, even a panzer's shell!) they are catalogued as "legal" by the war bureaucrats. They certainly are very profitable for them.
But this "profit" never reverts to the good of the land and lives it destroys. Waving the flag of revenge we stake it all for a piece of land, a name, a belief, for justice ignored. We are fed fear and hate and march on to the fight, barehanded or armed in high-tech style. The powerful and rich move us about their gameboards. THEY always win. We clean the mess afterwards.
By all the knowledge available regarding important environmental issues it is usual in this GAME to target energy plants and petrol reservoirs. One such place was missiled on the lebanese coast (7000 year old Byblo city,july 2006) flooding kilometers of beaches with oil, killing and devastating wildlife and tourism, one of the main resources of the little mediterranean country. Obviously, reducing a war to a TV spot or a headline has increased the distance between us and disaster. By no means is disaster alien to us, we happen to live around the same beautiful Mediterranean Sea, we share the roots of our cultures. It was in Byblos that the first books were made. It was phoenician and greek writing that together gave its origin to our own present writing. And above all, wherever destruction might take place (and its bound to be the poorest, most disgraced corners of this OUR planet) its our condition as living creatures to watch other fellow creatures being deprived of their existence for a couple of silver coins. It could be us, it could be anybody. It certainly will if we don't question, resist, speak up. Come out of the forest!
ie []oct. 2006, fornalutx, balearic islands

Aqui esta el texto:

Incluso los gobiernos les reconocen un estatus de industria altamente rentable y determinan que armas pueden producirse y utilizarse. Las bombas racimo se hallan en la frontera de esta"legalidad". A pesar de que sus efectos y funcionamiento son bien conocidos (estan preprogramadas para perseguir ciertas temperaturas y contienen miles de esquirlas de metal en su interior con una capcidad de penetracion de hasta 17 cm: pueden traspasar la cubierta de un panzer!) estan catalogadas como "legales" por los burocratas de la guerra. Por supuesto, son muy rentables para ellos.
Pero este "beneficio" nunca revierte en favor de los paises y las vidas que destruye.Haciendo ondear la bandera de la venganza, lo apostamos todo por un trozo de tierra, un nombre, una creencia. Nos alimentan con miedo y odio y asi marchamos a la guerra, con las manos vacias o pertrechados con armas de alta tecnologia. Los poderosos y ricos nos mueven como piezas en su tablero de juego. Ellos SIEMPRE ganan, nosotros limpiamos los destrozos.
A pesar de toda la informacion disponible referente a temas de medioambiente es habitual en este JUEGO dirigir ataques contra plantas de produccion de energia o reservas de petroleo. Un ataque de este tipo fue perpetrado contra la costa libanesa (Byblos,ciudad de 7000 anos, julio 2006) provocando una marea negra en kilometros de playas, devastando la vida animal y vegetal e inhabilitando el turismo, un recurso economico muy importante de este pais mediterraneo.
Obviamente, reduciendo una guerra a un spot de TV o un titular aumentamos la distancia entre nosotros y el desastre. Pero de ninguna manera ese desastre nos es ajeno. Vivimos a la orilla del mismo mar, compartimos nuestra herencia cultural.Fue en Byblos donde se hicieron los primeros libros. Fueron la escritura fenicia y la griega que originaron nuestra escritura actual. Y, por sobre todas las cosas,dondequiera que tenga lugar la destruccion (y suele ser en los mas pobres y desgraciados rincones de este NUESTRO planeta) nuestra condicion de seres vivientes que observan como otras seres son privados de su existencia por un par de monedas de plata deberia sacudirnos. Podriamos ser nosostros, podria ser cualquiera. Lo seremos ciertamente, si no cuestionamos, resistimos, elevamos la voz. Salgamos del bosque!
IE []oct. 2006, fornalutx - illes balears


november spawned a... poetry reading!


01.11.06 at 20:00 pm

The reading by the poets pere colom (fornalutx), feliu roset (barcelona) and arthur rhodes (london) will include parts of their most recent work. the evening will be rounded up by a little buffet. anybody who can get here is very welcome! if you need more info, please e-mail us at

d’octubre 19, 2006

serpmoixserp#cultural association

#[snakecatsnake]: the founder members' chinese horoscope animals provided the name for the association

we are an artists' association in the mediterranean island of mallorca, spain.

we are mainly a platform for creative work by artists from our area, as well as collaborations with artists, thinkers and institutions from around the world.

we are putting on regular exhibitions in all necessary disciplines, to date photography, illustration, sculpture, furniture by the members and friends of serpmoixserp.

our history

founded in 2005, the association began its activities in full this past summer.

cares/ faces

we opened the season with the photography show cares/ faces by local artist paca busquets, a collection of black and white portraits out of her recent work.

as a result of the impact it had, we are now planning a book publication of the photographs alongside testimonies which should create a social portrait of the village.

exhibition end

the show we put up this october (one on illustration, called "bosc/ forest" by irene esposito (that's me...) is about to end, although it's nowhere close to end in other aspects. in short i will be posting some infos about it and the following project related to it, involving a debate and hopefully a publication.

it is a hard day's night (and no, i don't mean the song...). we'll be back with views of the past shows, more infos and the future stuff very soon. bye!